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Tarquin's The Tonquin Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


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The process of making Tarquin’s Gin begins when they gently steep hand-sorted botanicals in wheat spirit overnight. It is then distilled in a small pot still that’s heated by flame using a one shot method, with only 300 bottles made per batch. Tiny to say the least! During the eight hours of careful tinkering, monitoring and adjusting, only the heart of the run is collected for bottling (as, like with many distilleries they discard the heads and tails). Once cut with water sourced near Boscastle on the coast of North Cornwall, the gin is rested for several days after which Tarquin noses, tastes, hand fills, corks, seals and signs every bottle to leave the door.

Tarquin's The Tonquin Gin

A Christmas expression from Southwestern. Tonka beans and clementines are distilled alongside the regular Tarquin’s Dry Gin botanicals, bringing an altogether festive vibe to proceedings. Tonka brings a vanilla quality to the gin, latching onto the spices to create a dusty, baking cupboard feel.

Tonquin, perfumed with a slightly floral, rosey hint, falls somewhere between a gin and a kirsch. It’s silky on the mout with vanilla-like qualities, with tonka somewhat enveloping the tongue in something of a velvety blanket. The mouthfeel is so smooth that it borders on strange & slippery, albeit in a very good way. There is no deep resinous base to the taste, nor a huge depth of presence; just a soft, almost ephemeral glide through citrus, then pine and through to a melange of dark cherries and woody sweetness.

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