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Strathearn Heather Rose Gin - 70cl - 40% ABV


Strathearn distillery, founded by Tony Reeman-Clark in 2013, was established with the initial intention of primarily producing whisky. However; like many before him, Tony realised that gin would be the ideal product to tide them over through the long process that is whisky making. What was initially a project of convenience quickly turned in to one of passion, and their extensive range now includes four varieties of gin as well as two types of Genever.

This colour changing gin (it turns a warm pink when tonic is added) comes across soft and well balanced with a warm and malty Genever like smell. Rose is the most prominent botanical both on the nose and to taste. It somewhat blurs the other botanicals; though the brightness brought through by the orange and lemon peel is present as is the sweetness from the liquorice. With juniper just a whisper at the end, this is definitely a gin that has moved away from tradition. Recommended to drink neat, straight from the freezer or with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic, which complements the hay-like warmth of the gin and adds weight to the citrus botanicals.

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