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Santamanía London Dry Gin - 70cl - 41% ABV


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Created by Javier Domínguez, Ramón Morillo and Victor Fraile, SANTAMANÍA was launched in July 2014. Made with a blend of traditional and progressive attitudes towards what both distilling in Spain and Spanish gin can be, the result is a unique distillery and a peculiar but delightful gin which places authenticity above industrialisation.

SANTAMANÍA London Dry Gin -

SANTAMANÍA may taste quite different for classic gin lovers – the grape base is pronounced and the juniper is slightly subdued. With fruity undertones of raspberries and an almond finish, the gin is both vibrant and unusual, from the verdant grape base, though it retains core characters that will please the more traditional gin drinker.

SANTAMANÍA is worth seeking out for those looking for something different and is proof that with a bit of ingenuity, passion and authenticity it is possible to make a new and interesting contribution to the Gin category.

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SANTAMANÍA Four Pillars Collaboration

Four Pillars has partnered with Spanish distillery SANTAMANÍA as part of its ‘Distiller Series,’ in which it aims to team up with other gin producers to pool wisdom and tastes and create something entirely different to both of their other offerings. The limited edition Cousin Vera’s Gin, named after SANTAMANÍA’s still, is a savoury, herbal treat, with olives, rosemary and almond in the mix.

This is a bright and clean gin with a strong juniper foundation and a citrus hit. The grape base is smooth and sippable and flavours marry well with tonic; pair up with a rosemary garnish and enjoy.



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