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Santamanía Gin Foundry GinTonic - 75cl - 12% ABV


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Created by Javier Domínguez, Ramón Morillo and Victor Fraile, SANTAMANÍA was launched in July 2014. Made with a blend of traditional and progressive attitudes towards what both distilling in Spain and Spanish gin can be, the result is a unique distillery and a peculiar but delightful gin which places authenticity above industrialisation.

Santamanía GinTonic

Gin Foundry has been clocking up the air miles recently, making not so secret trips back and forth to the SANTAMANÍA distillery in Spain, where they’ve been working on a super-geeky collaboration in which gin botanicals have been distilled with quinine and then carbonated to create a heady, bubbly, picnic-ready drink: GINTONIC.

The end result is pleasing; it’s a refreshing, punchy G&T with an ABV of 12% and a palate that sees sweet rushing in from one side and bitter rushing in from the other to clash upon the tongue in a dizzying flavour burst.

GINTONIC was debuted at Junipalooza 2016 to a great reception; gin fans loved the taste and gin geeks loved the concept. The bubbles are just the right side of gentle and the 12 % ABV makes it the perfect wine alternative for those of a juniper persuasion.



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