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Mt Uncle

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Mt. Uncle Botanic Australis Gin is a patriotic endeavour from Australia’s Mt. Uncle Distillery. Using only home-grown botanicals, the gin aims to replicate that London Dry taste but with a strong down under accent. Shouting “G’day mate” from the rooftops, this spirit is the ultimate gin-based accolade to the country in which it is made.

Mt. Uncle Botanic Australis Gin

Mt. Uncle Botanic Australis Gin is based on a 300-year-old London Dry recipe, with all botanicals swapped out for Australian-grown equivalents. It’s an interesting liquid and well worth tasting for those into modernistic takes on gin. 

To nose, it’s fresh and cooling; it doesn’t smell particularly ginny initially, though a deep inhale unearths a medicinal juniper. To taste, peppermint gum and river mint jump to the fore, with anise myrtle coming up behind. Spice nips gently at the back of the throat and ginger bring a real warmth. It’s a loud gin, perfect in a long, refreshing cocktail like a Gin Fizz.

Mt. Uncle Botanic Australis Navy Strength

The Navy Strength edition of Mt. Uncle is more traditional than it's counterpart; the higher strength seems to subdue the more menthol botanicals, while adding weigh to the spice and juniper. 

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