Makar Glasgow Gin - 70cl - 43% ABV


In 2013, 110 years after it closed, The Glasgow Distillery Company was reborn with new premises in the city. Now owned by drinks industry veteran Liam Hughes and accountant Ian McDougall, their first product Makar Glasgow Gin was launched in late 2014.

Makar Glasgow Gin -

To taste, Makar Glasgow Gin is juniper led all the way from nose to finish. It has robust and bold sappy juniper notes aplenty. Coriander flavours follow before a teasingly fragrant rosemary accent to finish. The gin has medicinal, piney qualities that linger long after the final sip with angelica and juniper combining to create a vegetal earthiness.

It’s one of the most juniper forward gins we’ve tried in the past few years and if that sounds like your kind of gin, Makar’s unapologetic “ginny” profile will be sure to appeal. Bottled at 43% ABV the gin is smooth but also has a surprisingly heavy mouthfeel – great for a Martini.

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