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Iron Balls Gin Mini - 33cl - 40% ABV


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The distillery is on site at the Iron Balls bar, located in a somewhat upmarket district tucked just a minute’s walk behind the laughter-filled, vendor strewn streets. Walking through the door has a distinctly magical, Narnia-esque feel; out there is mad, loud, hot Thailand, in here is a wood-panelled, 1930s-esque speakeasy, calm and cool with Otis Redding piping through the speakers and liquor, liquor everywhere.

The nose will be familiar to anyone who grew up in England; so strongly does it smell like the pink and orange Fruit Salad chewy sweets of childhood that you can almost feel the paper getting stuck to your teeth.

The scent of tropical fruit steers the gin, meaning that either the ethanol is not taken to an ABV higher then 96% when it’s made, or that a lot of fruit forms a core part of the unspecified botanical line up. Mango-like fleshy fruits are really in abundance here. Juniper doesn’t make it through on the nose, but the ginger and cinnamon burst in, bringing with them a distinctive warmth.

Fruit comes straight through on the taste, too, and holds in the mouth long after the drink is finished. The ginger and cinnamon bring a slight tingle, while the coriander seeds deliver a toasty citrus. Juniper isn’t a dominant factor here, bringing the gin more in line with the “progressive” American styles we’re seeing more and more of. That said, a vague sense of pine is left in the mouth, so while far from the lead role, or really that noticeable in it’s own right, our little purple friend is present.

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