Hayman's English Cordial Gin - 50cl - 42% ABV

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Hayman’s Distillery was founded in 1820 and acquired in 1863 by Beefeater-founder James Burrough, the great grandfather of the current chairman Christopher Hayman. With that lineage, the distillery has a lot of history to trawl through, so whenever they dig a recipe out of the archives we can’t help but get excited.

There’s a dusty, nutty spice to the nose; it reminds us of Christmas nuts, although the ones you find in the back of the cupboard in mid-February, when they’re sweet and soft.

As you’d expect from the name, a generous helping of sugar rushes the tongue, though it’s joined by a nipping cinnamon warmth and a breath of juniper. Designed with help from David T. Smith of Summer Fruit Cup, Hayman’s Cordial Gin uses sugar to combine with rich orange for a rounded mouth. Coriander adds a hint of spice, and there’s a peppery pinch right at the end. This is definitely one for lovers of Old Toms, as with its exaggerated sweetness it’s an extreme of the genre.

Contrast in a G&T with a lime peel garnish or compliment the flavours with a rose bud.

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