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Graveney Gin - 70cl - 45% ABV


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One woman, one five-metre-square shop tucked into a corner of Tooting Market and two 30-litre stills make Graveney Gin an impossibly dollhouse sized operation. Yet – and much to the surprise of its creator Victoria Christie – the spirit is gaining traction, so much so that it recently burst out of its home like a ‘roided up Polly Pocket on a mission.

Victoria grew up with a love of gin; her mum drinks G&Ts, and as a child she loved the smell. As an adult, she loved the taste. “I was always that weird one standing at the bar asking for a gin and tonic,” she recalls “it’s quite funny to think that I used to get mocked for being a little old school… and very British for a Scottish/South African dual national.”

Juniper delivers a sucker punch to the nose. It’s purple, sticky and resinous, as palpable as though you had some crushed between your palms and were breathing through them deeply. There’s a faint hint of spice, though pink peppercorn lends levity and a hint of warmth rather than a lip numbing, throat burning sensation.

Graveney Gin is sweet to the fore, with clear angelica, light floral orris notes and goji berries bringing a gentle hint of ripe, red fruit. Baobab lends a sour citrus quality, whilst the grapefruit and orange add a lively, zesty crispness. Juniper doesn’t so much underpin the gin as overarch it; it’s there every second, enhancing the other botanicals with its rich, crisp pine and flooding the mouth at the end so overwhelmingly its as though you’ve fallen over face first in a Christmas tree farm. The pink pepper also plays quite a key role in adding complexity to the journey too, permeating at times and vanishing at others. It’s a really well balanced gin that shows considerable skill in how it has been assembled.



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