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Gin Tasting Wheel


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We love hosting, going to and enjoy gin tastings and we use a mighty powerful tool called the Tasting Wheel to explain botanicals and their corresponding tastes.

Most of us have been brought up to understand and recognise colours and shapes by name but most of us have never learnt how to express flavours in words... So, with that in mind, Gin Foundry have created this Tasting Wheel in the hopes of helping those in trouble to develop a more educated palate and empower them with ways to articulate it.

From citrus to spiced, herbal to floral and the variables in-between, the Tasting Wheel will help you understand botanicals in a new way and unlock your vocabulary to explain to others what you are experiencing. It works from the inside out, where by following the flow, you can help articulate what flavour you might be experiencing and which botanical may be at the root of it.

We all love a sexy print and functionality aside, the Gin Foundry team have made something that is visually impressive, engaging and easy to use during your next tasting. Yep, even Patrick Batemen would be proud of the paper stock on these puppies.

The Gin Tasting Wheel is printed on Tintoretto Ceylon 350 gsm paper in Navy Blue and Eggshell White and is 24cm x 24cm. If you'd prefer a bigger size, Gin Foundry has also produced a G&T Garnish Wheel.

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