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Gin Annual 2015/16

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Our Gin Annual is back and the 2015/16 edition is guaranteed to impress all gin lovers this Christmas!

We've brought as much of the diversity of content you can find on Gin Foundry and instiled it into the ethos of this book. In only its second year, the Gin Annual 2015 has grown twice as thick, to include almost double the content, spread across 72 gloriously designed pages.

For the 2015 edition we've increased the amount of features that uncover the stories of some of our favourite gins like Makar and Ferdinand's, met newcomers such as Skin Gin and Distillerie De Paris and included more interviews with inspirational Ginsmiths like Elephant Gin and Monkey 47.

In addition, there are our usual features and insight into topics related to the gin industry like debate surrounding Craft, the Nordic micro distilling boom and more.

The Gin Annual is printed in hardback, with uncoated paper-stock inside to ensure the up-most quality in both the look and the feel. It measures approx 28cm high x 19cm wide.

We're very proud of this yearly publication and, with your help, look forward to turning it into the must-read item for gin aficionados all around the world each year.


For those who want to know a little more...

A Gin Annual you say - Where did this all begin? Well, it dawned upon us that even though we may well be children at heart, as fully fledged grown ups with ever increasing grey hair (and seemingly ever diminishing eyesight), we might be too old for a Beano Annual. Yes, it had to happen at some point...

With hours of time to spare over the festive period however, be it from traveling to visit families, or sitting uncomfortably with overburdened bellies recovering after another marathon Christmas dinning session - what to read still remains high on our list of to do's when it comes to Christmas shopping.

We are a first and foremost a review and information based website. We love reading other blogs and can almost always be found browsing around the web, but we also appreciate switching off once in a while. There's something that feels a little more social holding a book than sitting with a laptop and more importantly, there's something nice about being able to gift someone something tangible rather than showing a PDF or e-zine. Knowing we are not alone in seeking out something that could fulfil this need while also delivering what we seek out online, we decided to write up our inaugural Annual in 2014. It sold out two weeks later. 

Unlike many mags who gear up to deliver various countdown lists, top ten's, best of's or summaries of the year and winter cocktails, our annual and our "seasonal" content is a little different.

Yes, of course, there are some highlights of 2015. We do indeed talk about some of the key issues of the year and make some careful predictions for 2016. However, the majority of the Gin Annual 2015 is geared towards the idea of having something genuinely interesting and diverse to read regardless of the date stamp. There are features, interviews and insight into distilleries and makers that cover much more than just a round up of their year.

We've tried to ensure that it's as timeless and collectable as possible so that should you return to it months later, you can use it as a reference instead of just seeing endless winter drinks, winter wonderland imagery and dated information. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do and please - leave a review below if you have a copy to let us know what you thought!

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