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Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin - 70cl - 37.8% ABV


Four Pillars is a craft distillery located in the heart of the Yarra Valley, Australia. The distillery, which launched in 2013, was amongst first to emerge from the country, and is a standard bearer for what Australian gin could or should be.

Don’t be fooled by the sloe-red hue - Bloody Shiraz, at 37.8%, means business. The nose reflects its rich, leathery colour; it’s a bold mix of herbal and fruity, reminding us of the edge of an orchard – or rather, in this case – a vineyard.

The first sip is toffee apple sweet, with a faint hint of burnt caramel leading a chorus of fresh fruit and big, green shrubbery. Cardamom, star anise and pepper berry float around din the distance, bringing their warmth, while the juniper from the Rare Dry Gin is ever-present. This is undeniably a gin, but one wrapped in a silky and complex fruit veneer.

It’s as smooth as silk and makes for an outrageous G&T when served with Indian tonic and a big wheel of orange.

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