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Filliers Pine Blossom Gin - 50cl - 42.6% ABV


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To start from the very beginning takes us back all the way to 1792 when the first master distiller was born, Karel Lodewijk Fillers. Born into his Belgium based family farm it was not until he was older that his interest grew in Genever. His passion grew so much so that his love for Genever passed on to the rest of his family, which continues to be in their line of work to this very day. Having met the current members – we can vouch for this. They are both passionate and nice, yet equally humble!

Filliers Dry Gin 28 - Pine Blossom

As the name might suggest, Pine Blossom is the key element here. For those who haven't come across them - we've always found pine blossom to be similar to Pine kernels but with a floral streak. Bottled at 42.6%, the botanical adds to juniper's verdant nature and enhances the herbal element in the overall flavour profile. To taste, there is something almost nutty and savoury which combines with the cardamom, juniper and underlying sweetness, which we feel calls out for a rosemary sprig as a garnish in a G&T.

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