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Esker Gin - 70cl - 42% ABV


Scotland is a producer of fine – often even divine – spirits, so when Esker Gin happened upon our paths we were particularly excited, especially given its ultra-modern design and unique botanical selection.

The gin has a cooling smell – nothing so overwhelming as mint has been used here, but a botanical with similar properties is certainly involved – we’d be willing to toss nettle into the ring as a guess, as this is a plant that entirely confuses the senses, transforming from crisp and fresh into hot and tingly. Overall, fresh, fleshy citrus comes through on the nose and there is a rooty angelica-sweetness, buoyed by the birch sap.

The initial sip is dominated by earthy sweetness and a flush of vivid citrus. Angelica root isn’t named as a botanical but a similar presence is felt, perhaps due to the birch sap. The core flavour carries a bright feel – that of green, fresh herbs with an underlying fire behind it. Juniper comes through on a very long (if a little coarse) finish, leaving a delicate and lasting pine in the mouth. The peppercorns are not evident as a flavour in their own right but help give a spiced finish and accentuate a certain fruitiness in the gin.



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