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'Developing a Gin Recipe' Workshop



Want to understand more about how botanicals work in gin? Thinking about developing a gin recipe yourself? Got that burning desire to create your own gin and bring it to market? Well... this half day intensive workshop is for you!

Following on from Gin Foundry's How to Open a Gin Distillery workshops, the team have created this half day workshop especially to provide added depth into one of the sections they cover during the day in more detail.

Here, Part 3 of their holistic workshop is taken as an individual block and expanded upon to go into further depth - How to Develop a Gin Recipe.

Here's what they have to say about it:

As a team who have had a front row seat on the world of Gin since the current boom began in the mid 2000’s, we’ve seen the journeys of dozens of gin makers first hand. We’ve covered their stories before, during and after their launch and have experienced it from their perspective. We've even become micro-distiller's ourselves and have won awards for the gins we make. We know how many gins on the market today are assembled, distilled and which botanicals they contain.

We've even dedicated an entire section of our site to explaining botanicals and their role in gin, while also create a gin tasting wheel to help people discern which botanicals trigger the flavours they taste.

We write reviews on hundreds of gins, evaluate the merits of of both their concept and flavour and test them in numerous cocktails each time we post article online.

What is clear is that there is a lot of work that goes into creating a recipe and perfecting a winning combination isn't just science and precise calculations, there needs to be a feeling and an idea too.

Great gin isn't just balanced gin. It is not just smooth gin. It is not just botanically unique gin. Great gin needs to be captivating and evocative in the glass while also be memorable and enchanting from a non flavour lead perspective.

This workshop delves into the various areas gin makers need to master to develop a recipe that can spark the imagination of drinkers all over the world. We will be looking at a few case studies to compare recipe development methods, strategies and results.

The half day is split into 4 areas, each 40 minutes:

1 - Describing flavour and developing a language to articulate, evaluate and quantify both aroma and taste.

2 - Understanding the core gin botanicals using by undergoing a botanical deconstruction tasting.

3 - Understanding the conceptual and marketing driven aspects of creating a gin recipe along with the importance of finding an authentic USP.

4 - A few guidelines ratios for ingredients, explaining how different distilling techniques impact flavour and a few tricks of the trade.

This is not a technical production seminar so no distilling experience is required, although this is firmly aimed at those who are looking to develop their own recipes through distillation (be it hobby distilling or commercial scale), not compounding.

Tickets are limited to a maximum of 12 people so that there is time to focus on some individual questions and group requests.

The workshop starts at 13.30 and finishes at 17.30 and takes place at: Gin Foundry, Coda Studios, 189 Munster Rd, Fulham, London, SW6 6AW

The price includes all distillate & gin samples served during the day. Please note: Tickets are not refundable nor exchangeable for a different date if canceled with less than 7 working days to go before the event.

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