Copita Glasses


Nosing, tasting and appreciating gin has never been more popular. Bars are offering mini tasting flights and enthusiasts are tasting their gin neat as well as in cocktails. Whisky may have the Glencairn glass, but we Gin fans have the COPITA.

It's tulip shape captures the aroma, the stem makes it easy to handle and overall, the Copita is sturdy enough not to break at the slightest touch.

A baby sister to the Spanish COPA glass used for G&T's - this is smaller but perfectly shaped. Each glass can hold up to 170mls of liquid, so plenty of space even for the most generous of comparative tastings (or for those of you who like to try both neat and with a splash of tonic - this glass can easily handle 25ml gin & 75ml tonic).

Oh, and did we mention - it actually has GIN etched into the side!



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