Conniption American Gin - 75cl - 44% ABV

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Melissa Katrincic has always been headstrong. As a child she was fiery enough to incur frequent dressing downs from her grandmother, who’d tell her, in the way only a grandmother can, “don’t have a conniption.” Conniption, for the uninitiated, is a uniquely American term, translating to something of a mammoth hissy fit.

Conniption American Dry is incredibly impressive in that it is everything it sets out to be; history and gin heritage is instilled into each sip but the honeysuckle and cucumber ride ahead, bringing that modern American, new wave gin feel with them. The cucumber and honeysuckle work in tandem to bring a bright, fresh smell, taking it in turns to rotate the nose between achingly sweet and crisply vegetal.

That sweetness carries through to the tongue, as the honeysuckle announces its presence with little modesty. Cardamom and coriander bring heat giving the spirit some swagger, while juniper whispers quietly in the background with an assuring touch, reminding you that you are safe hands and that its piney presence will see through gin O’clock. Overall, it is the cold distilled botanicals that really shines through, particularly at the end when cucumber comes across so clearly that it’s as if you’d bitten into one, fresh out of the fridge. At 44% ABV, the residual flavours carry long after the sip but the overall impression is that of a smooth, accessible gin.



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