Campfire Gin - 50cl - 42% ABV


Ben and his wife Kate both felt a real connection to and passion for Gin, having shared bottles of the spirit throughout many special events in their lives. Their home region, Hertfordshire, didn’t yet have a distillery and – with experience in tourism – the Marstons knew there was an opportunity to step into. It went deeper then that though. As Ben says: “we had a premeditated idea of the product and brand, an itch that needed to be scratched, a path into the woods that needed to be explored.”

Fresh and waxy citrus peel floats to the top of the glass, so strong it’s as if you’re rolling the pith between your fingers. When served neat, orange and grapefruit dominate the nose entirely, leaving little room for anything else to assert itself. With a splash of water added, both citrusses comand the lead, though their caustic nature is eased.

When sipped neat, sweet orange laps at the tongue to the fore, while a warm, slightly spiced coriander seed comes in at the back. Orange and grapefruit peel aside, the botanicals play their parts with subtlety, providing a backdrop against which the aggressive citrus sings. Juniper isn’t particularly noticeable to taste in it’s own right, although the mouth is left with a vague sense of pine towards the end of the sip. Coffee cherry, hazelnut and physalis may well all be in there, but their effects are not that obvious to taste in their own rights. With a little attention they do tease in and out of focus but they are more like the more subtle crackle sounds of a fire, rather than the bright flame that is the citrus.



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