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Botanical Ginvent Calendar 2015

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We've teamed up with the Drinks by the Dram team once again to bring you this little festive number... The Botanical Ginvent Calendar! The extraordinary advent calendar made especially for gin lovers!

The Botanical Ginvent Calendar takes you on a 24 day journey through 23 botanical distillates, as well as a base gin to which each distillate is added. The botanicals are all cold-distilled to maximise those fresh flavours whilst avoiding any burnt or off-notes.

The Botanical journey you will embark on will not only allow you to discern the flavour profiles provided by each ingredient but also understand why certain gins appeal to you more than others. As each botanical is a common sighting in many gins, this journey will enable you to dig deeper and understand the various relationships between botanicals and how they come together to make GIN!


It's super geeky and proudly so!



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