Bathtub Old Tom Gin - 50cl - 42.4% ABV


Master of Malt’s Bathtub Gin is made using a technique called cold compounding. Technically speaking, compound gin involves flavourings (such as botanicals) simply being added to neutral grain spirit and then filtered out before bottling. Although there are many other technicalities surrounding how it is done, ABV content etc… in layman’s terms – compound gins just infuse whereas distilled gins infuse and then distil. 

Bathtub Old Tom Gin -

This sweetened style of gin gives off a lovely fruitiness on the nose with pronounced botanical notes.The light sweetness seems to add body to the gin, which  helps accentuate some of the inherent juniper and orange flavours. This is a great example of Old Tom gin and fans of the style will not be disappointed in the slightest - it makes for a stand out choice in a Martinez too...

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