Adnams Sloe Gin - 50cl - 26% ABV

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Adnams has been brewing beers since 1872, but it wasn’t until 2008 that the company started to explore distilling. It was well worth the wait – the gins that have emerged from the distillery since then have been sublime, with their first offering being crowned ‘World’s Best Gin 2013.’

A hint of oven fresh mince pies & brandy soaked puddings flicker at the nose in this full-bodied, ruby-red Sloe Gin. The sloes bring a rich, currant aroma, while an addition of almond oil brings a sweet, creamy taste. There isn’t the eureka marzipan moment here that you usually get with a sloe gin, rather the fruit stays consistently loud throughout.

It’s incredibly sweet and soft, with a hay-like quality. Fans of sugar-heavy homemade sloe gins will love this! Also, while sloes are autumn fruits and sloe gins are winter tipples, this makes us think of marching through fields at the tail end of summer; of picking fresh fruit from the bush and devouring it whole.

This is a surprisingly suitable summer sipper, top up with Prosecco or Elderflower Tonic for maximum freshness.

NB there is a little sediment in the bottle as the distiller uses a coarser filter to retain a rich mouth feel.

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