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Adnams First Rate Cut Gin - 70cl - 48% ABV


Adnams distillery based in Sole Bay Brewery in Southwold has been brewing beers since 1872 and has recently expanded its repertoire of spirits, adding in handcrafted Vodka, Whisky and Gin. Although beer still plays a central part in their every creation – yes even in the gin - in 2008, the chairman of Adnams brewery began exploring the idea of distilling. Following four years of hard work the distillery was up and running in early 2010.

Adnams First Rate Finest Cut Gin -

Not content with just one flagship gin, they also produce a second called First Rate Finest Cut Gin. This is a much bigger beast in comparison to its sister. Made with a complex blend of 13 botanicals rather than six and a higher ABV of 48% it's a bolder, much more potent gin. With the usual suspects in the botanical mix (juniper berries, coriander seed, cardamom pod, orange peel & liquorice root), it delivers aromatic spices mingled with a softened Juniper and hints of citrus. The more unusual vanilla pods, caraway seeds, fennel seeds and thyme add to what is a really complex mix. It’s very balanced too, with the juniper re-emerging on the finish. A gin for gin lovers and well worth the increase in price, it's not just more botanical intensity, but a higher ABV too and both pay dividends for those looking to try something new.

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