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a little book on... gins, tonics & garnishes


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VERSION 2 with more gins, more tonics, more garnishes is now OUT.

We love a good Gin & Tonic. So much so that we began working with Fever-Tree, to create a little guide recommending a few garnishes to pair with specific gins. 120 pages later, we hope this little book expand your horizons with an infinite possibility for how best to enjoy a G&T.

The aim of this guide is to inspire and assist. From these suggestions (that anyone create at home) we hope it helps readers embark on a voyage that will result in finding their perfect serve.

a little book on... gins, tonics & garnishes is exactly what it says on the cover. We include 43 gins from around the world, each graphically represented with custom drawn illustrations and pair them with a Fever-Tree tonic and specific garnish combination to harness the flavour inherent to that particular gin. We've also had a brief look at the history of G&T's, written some handy info about each gin as well as included our tasting wheel in the pages to help with garnish selection.

All of this for the bargain price of £4.89 might seem too good to be true. No. It's just very good value so grab it while you can!

Softback: 128 pages

Publisher: Gin Foundry (November 2015)

Language: English

Product dimensions: 9cm x 14cm (the size of a Passport)

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